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William Edward Gompertz (born 25 August 1965) was the BBC's arts editor[1] before moving to a position as the Barbican Centre’s Artistic Director from 1 June 2021.[2]

It was announced on 4 August 2023 that he will take over as Director of London's Sir John Soane’s Museum from January 2024.[3]

Gompertz attended Dulwich Preparatory School, in Cranbrook, Kent.

Gompertz was previously director of Tate Media, and appeared in a show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2009 called Double Art History.[4] Gompertz has written extensively for The Guardian and The Times newspapers. He is the author of What Are You Looking At?: 150 Years of Modern Art in the Blink of an Eye[5] and Think Like an Artist.[6]

He is the son of general practitioner Hugh Gompertz OBE and a second cousin of Simon Gompertz, the personal finance correspondent to BBC News.[7] He was born in Tenterden, Kent, and attended Bedford School. He did not take any A-levels.

Gompertz married Kate Anderson (daughter of Sir Eric Anderson) in 1993 and they have three sons and one daughter.[citation needed]


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