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Willi Jutzi (born September 2, 1913-July 1941, in Värmland, Sweden) was a German soldier during World War II stationed in Gardermoen in Nazi occupied Norway. In the summer of 1941 Jutzi deserted the German Army and fled from Norway over the border to neutral Sweden, where he hoped to receive asylum. However the Swedish Government returned all such deserters and political refugees to the German Nazi authorities.

Facing deportation, Jutzi tried to escape the Swedish police when they stopped at the border to Norway. What happened next is a not clear. Almost a year after his escape Jutzi was found dead just a couple of hundred meters from where he had escaped. In the late 1950s, an investigation was made by the reporter D.V. Andersson from Arvika. He thought it was unclear how Jutzi had died and his conclusion was that he had been shot by the Swedish police who had been escorting him. No official explanation has ever been made and even today the case is unsolved.

Willi Jutzi was buried at Eda cemetery in Värmland.


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