William Buck

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William Buck
W H Buck.png
W. H. Buck, 1870 Captain of the Princeton baseball team
William F. Buck
OccupationShort Stop, Third Base, Left Field, Second Base, Catcher, Center Field, Umpire
Years active1866-1871
EmployerNational Association

William F. Henley Buck was an American professional baseball player and umpire.

Early life[edit]

Buck was the son of John M. and Mary B.[1] and had a sister. His university preparation was at St. Timothy's Hall in Catonsville, Maryland, and his undergrad study was at Princeton University, where he graduated in 1870. He then did post-graduate study in medicine for two years at the University of Maryland. He was a Presbyterian and did not marry.[2]

At Princeton[edit]

He was a member of the Princeton University's Nassau Baseball Club first nine (starting line-up) in the 1866-67 season as a short stop.[3] The team was also known as the Pickwick Nine, playing under that name because the faculty refused to allow them to leave campus for some games.[4] In 1867-68 he played at third base,[5] left field,[6] and second base.[7] The team became known as the Princeton University Baseball Club in 1868-69. That year he remained listed as third baseman for the first nine, again occasionally playing at second.[8] In 1869-70 he was made captain and played center field, but also played short stop, second base,[9] and even catcher.[10] Buck graduated in 1870, and in 1871 moved back to his home of Baltimore. He continued to be involved in amateur baseball. In May, 1871 he was the umpire of a game between Harvard and Brown.[11]


Princeton's Pickwick Nine in 1866, Buck is on far right.

In Baltimore, he joined the local team, the Baltimore Pastime Club, playing in games against the Philadelphia Athletic Club,[12][13] and the Olympics of Washington, DC.[14] In October 1871, he played in a game which was arranged to as a benefit to support victims of the Great Chicago Fire.[15] Buck also umpired 2 National Association games in 1871, as the home plate umpire in both games.[16][17] He also played for the Baltimore Marylands and Baltimore Enterprise clubs.[2]


Buck died June 10, 1890 in Boston, Massachusetts[1][18] and was buried in Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore.[19]


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