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William Cox may refer to:





  • William Cox (Nova Scotia lawyer), past president of the Canadian Bar Association
  • William Cox (pioneer) (1764–1837), constructor of the road across the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia
  • William Denton Cox (1883–1912), heroic steward aboard RMS Titanic
  • William George Cox (c. 1821–1878), Gold Commissioner for the Cariboo and Boundary Districts in the Colony of British Columbia, Canada during the Rock Creek Gold Rush
  • William Harold Cox (1901–1988), U.S. federal judge
  • William John Cox (born 1941), American public interest lawyer, prosecutor, author and political activist
  • William Robert Cox (1901–1988), prolific writer of short stories and Western and Mystery novels mainly for the pulp and paperback markets
  • William Sands Cox (1802–1875), surgeon in Birmingham, England
  • Billy Cox (born 1941), American bassist best known for playing with guitarist Jimi Hendrix

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