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William Edmund Barrett (November 16, 1900 – September 14, 1986) was an American author.

Born in New York City, he graduated from Manhattan College in 1922.[1][2] He married Christine M. Rollman on February 15, 1925. He worked as an aeronautics consultant with the Denver Public Library from 1941 on. He received a citation from Regis College in 1956. He was a member of PEN and the Authors League of America. Barrett was a Roman Catholic.[citation needed]

He was a member of the National Press Club of Washington, D.C. and the Colorado Authors League, serving as its president from 1943–1944.

Three of his novels were made into films:


Barrett wrote many mystery stories for pulp magazines like All Detective
  • Woman on Horseback (1938)
  • Flight from Youth (1939)
  • Aviation as a Business (1945)
  • The Evil Heart (1946)
  • The Number of My Days (1946)
  • To the Last Man (1948)
  • The Left Hand of God (1951)
  • Shadows of the Images (1953)
  • The Sudden Strangers (1956)
  • The Empty Shrine (1958)
  • The First War Planes(1960)
  • The Edge of Things (1960)
  • The Lilies of the Field (1962)
  • The Fools of Time (1963)
  • The Shepherd of Mankind (1964)
  • The Glory Tent (1967)
  • The Red Lacquered Gate (1967)
  • The Wine and the Music (also under the title Pieces of Dreams) (1968)
  • A Woman in the House (1971)
  • The Shape of Illusion (1972)
  • Lady of the Lotus (1975)


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