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William Hugh Everard (28 Nov 1869 – 12 April 1950), Australian politician, was a Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly for the Electoral district of Evelyn from 1917 until his retirement in 1950. He is the son of John Everard, who had been a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly holding non-continuous terms between 1858 and 1874.[1]

Everard was educated at Mornington Grammar School and Scotch College. He was a partner and eventually proprietor of the family firm, Everard Brothers, in business as tea merchants. Everard was Chairman of the Sir Colin Mackenzie Sanctuary, Healesville, from 1949–1950, President of Old Scotch Collegians and a founder and president of Old Scotch Football Club.

Everard represented the Nationalist Party, the United Australia Party, the Liberal Party and the Liberal and Country Party while a Member of Parliament. He was Speaker of the Legislative Assembly from 1934–1937.[2] He was Minister of Lands and Forests in the Macfarlan government from October–November 1945.[3][4]


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