William Lerner

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William "Bill" Lerner
William Lerner
ResidenceManhattan, New York
OccupationBusinessman and Philanthropist

William Lerner, also known as Billy Lerner, is an American businessman[1] and philanthropist who founded his own nonprofit organization, Billy4Kids,[2] that donates shoes to children around the world.[3][4][5][6]


Lerner actively supports work for the prevention, management, and curing of diseases in children.[7][8]


Lerner is the co-founder of Billy4Kids, a non-profit organization “dedicated to helping children in need by providing them with one essential item often taken for granted: shoes.”[citation needed] Lerner conceived the idea for Billy4Kids after reading an article about children who were dying from foot-borne diseases contracted from unprotected feet in developing countries.[citation needed] Billy4Kids was founded to provide underprivileged children with shoes, and to assist other charitable organizations. Donations to Billy4Kids support bulk shoe purchases which are then distributed in poverty-stricken areas of Haiti, Brazil, and Ghana.[citation needed]

Other Charitable Work[edit]

Lerner is actively involved in numerous other charities and organizations.[citation needed]


On July 16, 2014, Lerner was honored with the Humanitarian Award by host Stephen Baldwin at the 3rd Annual Edeyo Gives Hope Ball.[citation needed]