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William Main Page (8 October 1869–1940)[1] was a Briton, solicitor in the Scottish High Court, and vice-consul of Czechoslovakia in eastern Scotland. He was born on 8 October 1869 in London. Page was an Esperantist from 1905. He was secretary of Edinburgh Esperanto Society 1906–14 and president 1945–15 and 1920–21. Page was editor of "Esperanto Monthly", 1914–19 and of "The British Esperantist" 1920. He authored "Pitman's Commercial Esperanto", 1919. He was president of the Scottish Esperanto Federation in 1927 and president of the World Congress in Edinburgh, as well as adviser of the International Central Committee in 1923–26 and vice president of the British Esperanto Association. Page was a chief collaborator of the Encyclopedia of Esperanto. He wrote hymns.[1]