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William Oliver Stevens (October 7, 1878 - January 15, 1955) was an American writer and Professor for the United States Naval Academy.

Stevens was born in Yangon. His grandfather was Francis Mason a famous missionary. He moved to the United States and graduated from Colby College in 1899 with a B.A. in English literature. In 1903 he received a Ph.D. from Yale University.[1]

He taught at the United States Naval Academy (1905-1924) as Senior Professor and Executive of the English Department.[2]

Stevens was also interested in ghost hunting and psychical research.[3]


  • Nantucket, the Far-Away Island (1936)
  • Discovering Long Island (1939)
  • Washington, the Cinderella City (1943)
  • Unbidden Guests: A Book of Real Ghosts (1945)
  • A History of Sea Power (1947)
  • The Mystery of Dreams (1949)
  • Psychics and Common Sense (1953)


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