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William Pemble (Pember) (1591 or 1592–1623) was an English theologian and author.

William Pemble, 1817 engraving by James Stow


A student of Richard Capel at Magdalen College, Oxford, Pemble became reader and tutor at Magdalen. All of Pemble's works were published posthumously.


  • Vindiciae fidei, 1625
  • Vindiciae gratiae, 1627
  • Salomons Recantation and Repentance, 1627
  • An Introduction to the Worthy Receiving the Sacrament, 1628
  • De formarum origine, 1629
  • De sensibus internis, 1629
  • A Short and Sweet Exposition upon the First Nine Chapters of Zachary, 1629
  • A Summe of Morall Philosophy, 1630
  • A Briefe Introduction to Geography, 1630
  • Tractatus de providentia Dei, 1631
  • The Period of the Persian Monarchie , 1631

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