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William Ryle II (1834–1881) was a silk manufacturer.


He was born on March 2, 1834 in Macclesfield, England to William Ryle I, one of the most successful silk manufacturers in England.[1] William Ryle was the nephew of John Ryle, who is widely regarded as the "Father of the U.S. Silk Industry" in Paterson, New Jersey.

William Ryle later journeyed to the United States where in Paterson, New Jersey and in New York City, he owned and operated the largest silk importing firm in the United States.

William Ryle later married Mary Danforth Ryle, daughter of Charles Danforth, a railroad tycoon.[1]

He died on November 5, 1881.[2] At the time of his death in 1881, his fortune was estimated to be close to $25,000,000.


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