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William Scott (1705 – 17 April 1776[1]) was an Irish lawyer and judge.

He was the son of Rev. Gideon Scott and Jane McNeill, who shared the same mother as her half-brother, James Stuart, 1st Earl of Bute. He was elected to the Irish House of Commons for the city of Londonderry in 1739,[1] and appointed Prime Serjeant at the Irish Bar on 6 October 1757.[2] In 1759 he was made a Puisne Justice of the Court of King's Bench (Ireland),[3] and on 1 August 1768 transferred to the Court of Exchequer (Ireland) as a Puisne Baron.[4] He held this office until his death. On 13 December 1771 Scott and his fellow Barons of the Exchequer Foster and Smyth, along with the Lord Chancellor Lifford and the Chancellor of the Exchequer Hamilton, were appointed Commissioners of Accounts for Ireland by Letters Patent.[5] He married Hannah Gledstanes.


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