William St Clair of Roslin

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William St Clair of Roslin

William St Clair of Roslin, 21st Baron of Roslin (1700-1778) was a member of the Clan Sinclair.[1] His title, Baron of Roslin, was not a peerage but a Scottish feudal barony. He had an interest in sport and was a skilled golfer and archer.


He was a Scottish Freemason, being Initiated in Lodge Canongate Kilwinning on 18 May, Passed on 2 June 1736 and Raised on 3 November 1736.[2] He is known as the first Grand Master (although his actual title is Grand Master Mason) of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. He became the first Grand Master Mason by acclamation on St. Andrew's Day of the same year (1736).[3]


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Masonic offices
New title Grand Master of the
Grand Lodge of Scotland

Succeeded by
The Earl of Cromartie