William VI of Angoulême

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William VI of Angoulême (died 1179[1]) was also known as William Taillefer IV. He was the Count of Angoulême from 1140 to 1179. He inherited the title and territory from his father, Wulgrin II of Angoulême.

It is from him, that the territory was passed down through three brothers, all sons of William VI: Wulgrin III of Angoulême who was the eldest, William VII of Angoulême and Aymer of Angoulême.

After the death of Aymer, the territory did not pass to Aymer's daughter, Isabella of Angoulême, Queen consort to John of England, but rather to the daughter of Wulgrim III, Mathilde of Angoulême, who had married Hugh IX of Lusignan, father of Hugh X of Lusignan.

Preceded by
Wulgrin II
Count of Angoulême
Succeeded by
Wulgrin III


  1. ^ Historians have given a variety of dates for William's death. Watson (453) gives it as 1179, backed up by charter evidence (353–62). Geoffrey of Vigeois' chronicle (325–26) also declares William to have died in 1179 and his son Wulgrin III to have ruled for only two years, dying in 1181.