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William Wilkerson
Born September 29, 1890
Nashville, Tennessee
Died September 2, 1962 (aged 71)
Los Angeles, California
Resting place Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California
Occupation Publisher, businessman
Religion Roman Catholic
Spouse(s) Helen Durkin
Edith Gwynn Goldenhorn
Rita Ann Seward
Estelle Jackson Brown
Vivian DuBois
Beatrice Ruby Noble

William Richard "Billy" Wilkerson (September 29, 1890 – September 2, 1962) was the founder of the Hollywood Reporter,[1] the Flamingo Hotel[2] and owner of such nightclubs as Ciro's. He was also responsible for discovering actress Lana Turner across the street from Hollywood High School.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Wilkerson had been in relatively poor health throughout the latter half of the 1950s due to decades of excessive smoking. He continued to head The Hollywood Reporter and write his daily Tradeviews column until his death. Wilkerson died of a heart attack on September 2, 1962, at his Bel-Air home, one day before the Hollywood Reporter′s 32nd anniversary. He is interred at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City.

Wilkerson was married six times. His wives were:


Partial payment to Margret Folsom for the Flamingo land signed by William R Wilkerson, March 5, 1945

Restaurants, nightclubs and hotels that Wilkerson started:


Further reading[edit]

  • The Man Who Invented Las Vegas by W.R. Wilkerson III (Ciro's Books Publishing, 2000 ISBN 0-9676643-0-6)

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