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Willoughby Williams was an American war veteran and politician from North Carolina.[1][2]



He enlisted in 1776 and fought in the American Revolutionary War as a regimental commissionary officer.[1][2] He served in the Battle of Cowpens of January 17, 1781.[1] In 1790, he was elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives.[1]

Personal life[edit]

On January 1, 1786, he married Nancy Glasgow (1771-1857), daughter of James Glasgow (1735-1819) who served as North Carolina Secretary of State from 1777 to 1798.[1][3] They had six children.[1] Their son Willoughby Williams, Jr. (1798-1882) went on to live in Woodlawn, a National Register of Historic Places-listed mansion in Nashville, with his wife m. Nancy Nichols (1808-1844).[3]

He lived in Dobbs County, North Carolina.[1] He died on June 6, 1802 in Rutledge, Tennessee on his way to Davidson County, Tennessee.[1]

In 1806, his widow married Joseph McMinn, who served as Governor of Tennessee from 1815 to 1821.[1]


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