Willow Springs Water Park

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Willow Springs
Location Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Coordinates 34°37′42″N 92°19′11″W / 34.628370°N 92.319778°W / 34.628370; -92.319778Coordinates: 34°37′42″N 92°19′11″W / 34.628370°N 92.319778°W / 34.628370; -92.319778
Opened 1928
Closed 2013
Operating season May through September
Water slides 5 rides water slides
Website Official Website

Willow Springs is a Water park located in Little Rock, Arkansas.[1] It closed in July 2013 after a second reported rare parasitic infection was traced back to its waters and is now under renovation.

History & description[edit]

It was built in 1928. Willow Springs is a sandy bottom spring and well fed lake, similar to Maywood Beach in Mississippi. The water is chemically treated, chlorinated, pH balanced, and clear. Unlike most water parks, visitors can bring their own food and drinks into the park, though a restaurant called Upper Deck Café is located on site.


Willow Springs was open from May through September each year.

Parasitic infections and closing[edit]

On July 26, 2013, the owner of the park shut it down indefinitely after a swimmer was diagnosed with a rare case of the parasitic infection Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, 3 years after another swimmer at the park died from the same illness.[2] The Arkansas Department of Health determined that the park may have been at higher risk because the water is shallow and heats up faster. The owner will re-open the park only if it is financially feasible to cover the bottom with concrete, as the parasite tends to live in the soil at the bottom of warm fresh water.[3]



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