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Editor Paul Wilmott
Categories Business magazine
Frequency 6 times a year
Circulation ca 2,000
Publisher Wiley Publishing
Year founded 1999
Company Wiley Publishing and Paul Wilmott
Country United Kingdom
Based in London
Language English
Website www.wilmott.com

Wilmott magazine' is a mathematical finance and risk management magazine, combining technical articles with humor pieces. Each copy of Wilmott is 11 inches square, runs about 100 pages, and is printed on glossy paper. The magazine has the highest subscription price of any magazine and widely considered as the most influential Quantitative Finance Journal in the world.[1]

Content and contributors[edit]

Wilmott has a section with technical articles on mathematical finance, but includes quantitative financial comic strips, and lighter articles.[citation needed]

Wilmott magazine's regular contributors include Edward Thorp, Espen Gaarder Haug, Aaron Brown, William Ziemba, Nassim Taleb, Henriette Prast, Kent Osband, Satyajit Das, Babak Mahdavi-Damghani, Pat Hagan, Dave Ingram, Elie Ayache, Milford Radley, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud and Jan Darasz.


The magazine was launched in 1999 in London. The publishers are Wiley Publishing and editor in chief Paul Wilmott. The magazine's target audience is people working with quantitative finance in hedge fund, investment banks, risk management and professional investment management firms.


In June 2005, a group of Wilmott personnel broke off and formed another enclave, Nuclear Phynance.


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