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Wilson Museum
John Perkins House 9.13.2014.jpg
Established 1921
Location 120 Perkins Street
Castine, Maine
Coordinates 44°23′02″N 68°48′22″W / 44.3840°N 68.8060°W / 44.3840; -68.8060Coordinates: 44°23′02″N 68°48′22″W / 44.3840°N 68.8060°W / 44.3840; -68.8060
Type Natural history, history
Website www.wilsonmuseum.org

The Wilson Museum is a museum in Castine, Maine, United States. It was founded using the collection of Dr John Howard Wilson, a geologist.


Wilson lived in Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Nantucket during his youth. He arrived at Castine in 1891 with his mother, Cassine Cartwright Wilson. He received a PhD in geology from Columbia University.

In 1921, Mrs Wilson gave the western part of the land she owned to build a museum for John Wilson's collections. The building was designed by architects Milton See & Son of New York.[1] Three other buildings were added in the late 1960s, the Blacksmith Shop, Hearse House, and the John Perkins House.



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