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Win Labuda (born Winfried Gerhard Labudda: 26 June 1938, in Danzig) is a German researcher, photographer and entrepreneur.


Labuda founded the company Clear & Clean GmbH[1] in Lübeck in 1979. From then on his research activities focused on surface cleanliness in relation to the mechanics of wiper-based cleaning procedures. For this purpose, he developed a number of test methods and devices. Labuda is the author and co-author of a number of patents and extensive technical literature, published by the publishing house of the VDI (Association of German Engineers) and by the GIT publishing house, in addition to numerous online publications.


Labuda has produced extensive photographic work since the 1950s and has mounted exhibitions since 1981 in Munich, Paris, Tokyo, Düsseldorf and New York. In 2012 the photobook A Journey to the Beginning of Time[2] was published. It is a photographic cycle in four series that reflects on the history of earth and mankind from an artist’s perspective.

From 1982 on, Labuda has also produced drawings, graphic art, reliefs and sculptures. Along with Nadja Labuda, he is the author of a number of online publications on photography, painting and graphic art.


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