Wind-up Knight

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Wind-up Knight
Developer(s)Robot Invader
Platform(s)iOS, Android
ReleaseDecember 10, 2011

Wind-up Knight is an iOS game developed by American studio Robot Invader and released on December 10, 2011. It was released on Android in early 2012.

Critical reception[edit]

The game has a Metacritic score of 86% based on 12 critic reviews.[1]

The A.V. Club wrote "Wind-Up Knight is a beautiful, propulsive game whose difficulty only makes it that much more fulfilling."[2] SlideToPlay said "Wind-Up Knight is a tough but rewarding running game with excellent production values."[3] AppSpy wrote "While Android gamers have already had their fun with Wind-up Knight, iOS gamers finally get their chance to play around with the clockwork protagonist while proving their skill at overcoming numerous platforming hazards one-after-the-other."[4] TouchArcade said "Though it can be extremely frustrating, it rewards the player who pushes through the painful parts. Each time you replay a level you'll learn more, memorize more, become better at the game. The rush you'll get when you finally reach the end of a challenging level is worth the trouble, every time."[5] said "Wind-up Knight is an awesome action game, with an outstanding gameplay which is progressively enriched with new elements. A must buy."[6] 148Apps said "Wind-Up Knight is a game I have no problem referring to as a "Must Play." It's perfect for short bursts or prolonged sessions. There's a surprising amount of customization. It can be accessible and brutally punishing, depending on what the player wants. This, my friends, is a perfect example of mobile gaming at its finest."[7]

GameCritics wrote "This game is a perfect blend of well-rounded, bite-sized action that can be picked up and put down comfortably, yet was challenging enough to make me late for work while I had to try just one more level."[8] wrote "Wind-up Knight is the hardcore answer to those who thought that iOS was mainly a place for children. Your running knight will keep challenging you till the end of the 50+ levels that you have to finish and believe us, you will want to end all of them."[9] Eurogamer Portugal said "Wind-up Knight is a game easily recommended for being something unique in the world of iOS and a great challenge."[10] AppSmile wrote "Replay value is pretty good, as your results on each level take into account the number of coins you collected, whether or not you found the card, and a letter grade for your overall performance. "[11] Pocket Gamer described the game as "A bafflingly overpraised auto-runner that looks good but soon becomes tiresome."[12] Metrogamecenter said the game was "Punishingly hard for no good reason, turning what could have been a fun reaction-based platform game into a painful memory test."[13]


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