Wind Wand

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Wind Wand
NewPlymouth WindWand.jpg
Artist Len Lye
Year 1997-98 (groundbreaking)
1998-99 (constructed)
January 1, 2000 (opened)
Type Kinetic sculpture
Dimensions 48 m (157 ft) high
200 mm (7.9 in) diameter
Location New Plymouth, New Zealand
Coordinates 39°03′22″S 174°04′18″E / 39.056056°S 174.071736°E / -39.056056; 174.071736Coordinates: 39°03′22″S 174°04′18″E / 39.056056°S 174.071736°E / -39.056056; 174.071736

The Wind Wand is a 48-metre kinetic sculpture located in New Plymouth, New Zealand.[1] The sculpture includes a 45-metre tube of red fibreglass, and was made to designs by artist Len Lye.[2] To residents, it is one of the main icons of New Plymouth. Originally installed in December 1999 along with the Coastal Walkway, it had to be taken down within weeks. After repairs it was reinstalled in June 2001.[3] The red fibreglass tube stands vertical in still air, but bends in the wind.[4] The globe at its tip glows red at night.


The Wind Wand is constructed out of fibreglass and carbon fibre. It weighs around 900 kg and has a diameter of 200 mm. The Wind Wand can bend at least 20 m. The red sphere on the top contains 1,296 light-emitting diodes.[5]

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