Wind Wand

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Wind Wand
NewPlymouth WindWand.jpg
Artist Len Lye
Year 1997-98 (groundbreaking)
1998-99 (constructed)
January 1, 2000 (opened)
Type Kinetic sculpture
Dimensions 48 m (157 ft) high
200 mm (7.9 in) diameter
Location New Plymouth, New Zealand
Coordinates 39°03′22″S 174°04′18″E / 39.056056°S 174.071736°E / -39.056056; 174.071736Coordinates: 39°03′22″S 174°04′18″E / 39.056056°S 174.071736°E / -39.056056; 174.071736

The Wind Wand is a 48-metre kinetic sculpture located in New Plymouth, New Zealand.[1] The sculpture includes a 45-metre tube of red fibreglass, and was made to designs by artist Len Lye.[2] To residents, it is one of the main icons of New Plymouth. During the night, the Wind Wand lights up.

Costing in excess of $300,000 it was originally installed in December 1999 along with the Coastal Walkway, it had to be taken down within weeks. After repairs it was reinstalled in June 2001.[3] The red fibreglass tube stands vertical in still air, but bends in the wind.[4]


The Wind Wand is constructed out of fibreglass and carbon fibre. It weighs around 900 kg and has a diameter of 200 mm. The Wind Wand can bend at least 20 m. The red sphere on the top contains 1,296 light-emitting diodes.[5]

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