Windermere Island

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Windermere Island
Windermere Beach.JPG
Windermere Beach
Windermere Island is located in Bahamas
Windermere Island
Windermere Island
The location of Windermere Island within the Bahamas
LocationAtlantic Ocean
Coordinates25°04′N 76°06′W / 25.067°N 76.100°W / 25.067; -76.100Coordinates: 25°04′N 76°06′W / 25.067°N 76.100°W / 25.067; -76.100
ArchipelagoLucayan Archipelago
Additional information
Time zone
 • Summer (DST)
Windermere Sign From Queens Highway Eleuthera

Windermere Island is a small island located in The Bahamas. It is about five and a half miles long, and is noted for its beaches and its celebrity visitors, who use it as a private retreat. The island is connected to the larger island of Eleuthera by a short bridge, which is protected by a guardhouse. The bridge was built by Lord Trefgarne; who was a former owner of the Island. The adjoining waters and flats of Savannah Sound are considered to be a premier bonefishing location, and Windermere's five-mile long beach is protected by a five-mile long reef which is rich in fish and underwater flora.

It is also located in the same bay as Camp Bahamas. If you walk along the beach you will come across hundreds of hermit crabs and countless conch sells. These shells are absolutely beautiful and a great souvenir. There are also many small sand crabs and whale sharks (very friendly; these are the kind of sharks you can swim with at Atlantis).

The island is populated with private homes and the legendary Windermere Island Club. The Windermere Island Club is under new ownership in the process of revitalisation.[citation needed] Diana Princess of Wales and Prince Charles spent their 1981 honeymoon on the island, staying at Provender,[1] and enjoyed the beach in Savannah Sound, from where a member of the paparazzi snapped the infamous picture of the pregnant Princess in a swimsuit. Famous residents have included Jacques-Yves Cousteau, The Duke and Duchess of Abercorn (James Hamilton, 5th Duke of Abercorn), Toni Braxton, India Hicks, and The Johnson Family (Lyndon B. Johnson). Members of the British royal family visit the island regularly, often arriving by private Helicopter. In April 2008, the island was the setting for the wedding of singer Mariah Carey to comedian Nick Cannon, when they were married at her private residence on the island.[2]


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