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Industry Fashion and Technology
Headquarters New York City, New York
Key people
Jon Harari, CEO
Michael Niemtzow, Co-Founder & President
Raul Tovar, Co-Founder & Head of Photography
Tao Tao, Head of Development
Joline Mujica, Head of Trends & Tours

WindowsWear is a fashion technology company founded in 2012 and headquartered in New York City that showcases display windows in real-time in major cities.[1]

WindowsWear PRO[edit]

WindowsWear PRO is a current and archival collection of fashion windows and visual displays dating back to 1931. The collection provides retailers, designers, brands and creative professionals with photos for competitive research, inspiration and trend ideas over the years as they look to create visuals for today’s store windows.[2] WindowsWear PRO is used by retailers, designers and universities such as The University of Alabama,[3] Berkeley College,[4] EBC Hochschule,[5] FIT,[6] Genesee College,[7] George Brown,[8] Laboratory Institute of Merchandising,[9] The Planning and Visual Educational Partnership,[10] Milwaukee Area Technical College,[11]Seneca College,[12] Sheridan College[13] and Université du Québec à Montréal.[14]

Fashion Window Walking Tour[edit]

WindowsWear Fashion Window Walking Tours are a daily walking tour of the window displays in New York City.[1][15][16]

WindowsWear Workshop[edit]

WindowsWear Workshop is a three-day intensive workshop. Topics include visual merchandising, store design, trends, and concepts. [17]

WindowsWear Awards[edit]

The WindowsWear Awards is an annual event recognizing the top window displays each year in different categories. Awards are presented different categories, such as best by city, season or color, and others. Creative teams of brands attend the awards including Barneys New York, Bloomingdales, Elie Tahari, Harrods, Kleinfeld Bridal, and Moncler.[18]


WindowsWear was founded by Jon Harari, Michael Niemtzow, former colleagues at Lehman Brothers, [19] and Raul Tovar. The team includes photographers stationed in various countries and cities. WindowsWear launched its company in November 2012, with Elle as a launch partner.[15] WindowsWear has funding from investors at companies such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays Capital, Coach, Inc., eBay, and Nomura Securities.[20]



WindowsWear has been featured on Univision's Despierta America![21]


WindowsWear has been featured in the Wall Street Journal [22] and USA Today.[23]

Online Media[edit]

WindowsWear has been featured in online media including Vogue in Japan [24] and in Mexico,[25] Elle in Russia and the U.S,[26][27] Glamour in Brazil and in the U.S,[28][29] Lucky,[30] Women's Wear Daily,[31] South China Morning Post,[32] China EF,[33] StyleMode [34] and Only Lady[35] in China.

WindowsWear has also been featured in Time Out New York,[16] Shopify,[36] MasterCard's Love This City,[37],[38] and NYC & Company.[39]


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