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Windshield sun shades (also known as sun screen shades, sunscreens, sun car shades, sun shields, heat shields, or UV shields) are protective shields attached to a car's windshield or side window to keep the sun from reaching the interior and help reduce the temperature inside it.


According to patent history of products designed to keep the sun out of parked cars, first sun shade patent is from 1912 and belongs to Frank H. Ilse of Chicago. Years later in 1970 Israeli businessman Abraham Levy invented accordion-like cardboard sun blocker and claimed he sold 1 million of the devices in Israel since the mid -1970s. Unfortunately he failed to break into the United States market[1]. Avi Fattal and Avi Ruimi, two young Israeli who migrated to US modified the concept of Levi and changed design into sunglasses shape what helped them with breaking through the American market[2].


Windshield Sun Shades

The windshield glass itself blocks most of the UV light and some of the infrared radiation. But it can't protect from the visible light that mostly penetrates through it and gets absorbed by the objects inside the car. The visible light that passes into the interior through the windshield is converted into the infrared light which, in its turn, is blocked by the glass and gets trapped inside, heating up the interior. Windshield sun shades[3] have a reflective surface to bounce the light back, reducing the interior temperature. Car sun shades are mainly used in strong sun environment so their using is mostly connected with weather season or specific weather of a country. They regulate car temperature while summer, decrease inside temperature[4] and protect passengers from UV rays. Sunlight passing through the car's windshield produces the greenhouse effect, heating the interior to a temperature much higher than the outside air. Without any protection of interior parts, sun can heat up cars' dashboards up to 69 degrees Celsius after 60 minutes[5]. This is dangerous for adults, children and animals. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can also make the dashboard fade and eventually crack, or damage items that are left in a car, such as: mobiles, laptops, other electronic accessories. Other situations when sun shades are often used are while travelling and sleeping in a car. They are creating sense of privacy and block most of outside lights. They are also good at stopping mosquitos and other insects while ventilating vehicle.


Car sun shade.jpg

Automotive market offers many variations of car sun shades. Typicall sun shields are made from aluminum foil[6] that covers the inside of a windshield to reflect the sun's rays. There are also sun shades designed for car side windows. Most known are small rectangular shape shades for babies made from nylon mesh which don't cover whole part of a window car. They are stuck to a window by suction cup. There are also static versions which are self-adhesive[7]. Other and more professional car sun shades are custom-made to fit specific car models. They cover entire side window of a car. For assembling they use additional fastening elements such as hooks, clasps, buckles or magnets that should be attached to the car frame or shade. New on the market are magnetic sun shades that don't need other fastening and are foldable[8]. Some car shades are designed for winter use and attach to the outside of the windshield (typically with straps) to keep it snow- and ice-free[9].


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