Windsor Park, Tasmania

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Windsor Park
Launceston Football club changerooms.jpg
Location Launceston, Tasmania
Coordinates 41°24′12″S 147°05′30″E / 41.40333°S 147.09167°E / -41.40333; 147.09167Coordinates: 41°24′12″S 147°05′30″E / 41.40333°S 147.09167°E / -41.40333; 147.09167
Owner West Tamar Council
Operator West Tamar Council
Capacity 2,000
Opened 1968
Launceston Football Club (TSL)

Windsor Park is an Australian Rules football ground that is home to the Launceston Football Club and has been since 1968 when the club was a member of the former NTFA competition. It is currently a venue in the Tasmanian State League. The grounds do not have established grandstands, but has had portable grandstand seating erected since Launceston joined the TSL competition, it also has a social clubroom building and a two-storey changeroom and viewing area beside it which was severely damaged by fire in 2007. The Windsor Park area includes Australian Rules Football, Cricket and Soccer grounds and is located by the banks of the Tamar River in the suburb of Riverside, Launceston, Australia. The various sporting grounds in the precinct are home of the Launceston Football Club in the Tasmania State League, Riverside Cricket Club and Riverside Olympic, a football (soccer) club which represents Launceston in the Tasmanian Northern Premier League.