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The 2006 Winnipeg municipal election was held on October 25, 2006 to elect a mayor, councillors and school trustees in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Sam Katz was re-elected Mayor of Winnipeg over left-leaning challenger Marianne Cerilli.



2006 Winnipeg municipal election, Mayor of Winnipegedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Sam Katz 104,380 61.60
Marianne Cerilli 38,227 22.56
Kaj Hasselriis 22,401 13.22
Ron Pollock 4,444 2.62
Total valid votes 169,452 100.00


2006 Winnipeg municipal election, Councillor, Elmwood-East Kildonan Wardedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Lillian Thomas 4,945 57.65
David J. Danyluk 1,657 19.32
Wally Roth 1,585 18.48
Isaiah Oyeleru 390 4.55
Total valid votes 8,577 100.00
  • Wally Roth was 61 years old at the time of the election, and owned an auto repair centre. During the 1980s, he was the owner of a used car business called Economy Auto Sales of Winnipeg and a resident advisor to city hall.[1] A member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba, Roth has described his political views as "straight down the middle". He endorsed Mayor Sam Katz's bid for re-election in the 2006 campaign.[2]

2006 Winnipeg municipal election, City Councillor, St. Boniface Wardedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
Dan Vandal 9,785 56.70
(x)Franco Magnifico 6,989 40.49
Murray Cliff 485 2.81
Total valid votes 17,259 100.00

2006 Winnipeg municipal election, City Councillor, St. Charles Wardedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Grant Nordman 3,415 33.55
Kelly de Groot 2,727 26.79
Shawn Dobson 2,516 24.72
Rene Lewis 1,520 14.93
Total valid votes 10,178 100.00

2006 Winnipeg municipal election, City Councillor, St. Vital Wardedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Gord Steeves 10,762 75.38
Leslie Fingler 2,466 17.27
Markus Buchart 1,049 7.35
Total valid votes 14,277 100.00

2006 Winnipeg municipal election, City Councillor, Transcona Wardedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Russ Wyatt 7,880 85.23
Gerald Basarab 785 8.49
Stephen Smith 581 6.28
Total valid votes 9,246 100.00

School Trustees[edit]

St. James-Assiniboia School Division[edit]

2006 Winnipeg election, Trustee, River East Transcona School Division, Ward One (two members elected)
Candidate Total votes % of total votes
(x)Linda Archer 4,240 24.30
Cheryl Smukowich 3,462 19.84
(x)Bruce Chegus 3,331 19.09
Grant Crosbie 3,263 18.70
Denyse Lambert 2,017 11.56
Kent Whiteside 1,134 6.50
Total valid votes 17,447 100.00
  • Linda Archer was first elected to the St. James-Assiniboia School Board in a 1994 by-election, following the death of Maureen Jack. She said that she was not political or issue-driven, and indicated that she wanted to maintain high-quality education.[3] She was re-elected in the general elections of 1995, 1998, 2002 and 2006. She became president of the Manitoba Association of School Trustees for a one-year term in 2002, and in this capacity criticized the provincial government's plans for school board amalgamation.[4] She also argued that class sizes should be overseen by school boards, rather than by the province.[5] At the end of her term in 2003, she delivered a speech arguing that Manitoba school boards were under attack from the provincial government.[6] She also helped spearhead a change to MAST's constitution, allowing presidents to serve for two-year terms.[7]
  • Bruce Chegus was first elected to the St. James-Assiniboia School Board in 1989, and was re-elected in 1992, 1995, 1998, 2002 and 2006. He served as chair of the St. James-Assiniboia board after the 1995 election, and spearheaded an initiative to release reports on student academic performance and student perceptions of education to the general public.[8]

River East Transcona School Division[edit]

2006 Winnipeg election, Trustee, River East Transcona School Division, Ward One (two members elected)
Candidate Total votes % of total votes
(x)Colleen Carswell 4,336 38.35
George Marshall 3,838 33.95
Wayne Laniuk 3,132 27.70
Total valid votes 11,306 100.00
  • Colleen Carswell was first elected to the Transcona-Springfield School Division in 1992, and was re-elected in 1995 and 1998. She served as its chair from 1998 to 2000, and led the board in its controversial decision to impose rent charges on before- and after-school day care.[9] She also supported the contracting out of bus and mechanical services.[10] She was elected to the amalgamated River East Transcona board in 2002, and voted against a high-profile proposal to rename Wayoata School after Terry Fox in 2005.[11] Carswell was chosen as vice-chair of the River East Transcona Division after her re-election in November 2006.[12]

Post-election changes[edit]

John Orlikow resigned his seat on the Winnipeg School Board to run for a vacant seat on the Winnipeg City Council.

March 17, 2009 by-election, Winnipeg School Division, Ward One
Candidate Total votes % of total votes
Rita Hildahl 2,427 37.92
Gary Brownstone 1,362 21.28
Colin Fast 1,047 16.36
Barbara Coombs 975 15.23
Shane Nestruck 345 5.39
Carlos James 245 3.83
Total valid votes 6,401 100.00
  • Shane Nestruck (born September 4, 1947) is a musician and activist. He holds L.Mus. and Bachelor of Education degrees, and has played with the Montreal Sax Quartet, the Winnipeg Sax Quartet and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. A saxophonist and occasional clarinetist, he is a private tutor and operated an instrument repair shop during the 1970s.[13] After starting his professional career in Montreal, he moved to Winnipeg in 1978.[14] He is a Canadian federalist and a supporter of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC),[15] and has written against Quebec separatism.[16] He provided a room for Sasha Boychok in 1991, when the saxophone player was attempting to defect from the Soviet Union.[17] Nestruck and Boychouk later played together in the group Saxology Canada, which released a CD called Points in Time (1997),[18] and were among the founding members of the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra.[19] Nestruck ran for a position on the board of the Winnipeg Musicians' Association in 2004, but was not elected.[20] He opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq.[21] In 2005, he reviewed Maude Barlow's book Too Close for Comfort: Canada's Future Within Fortress North America for the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper.[22] Nestruck is a supporter of light rail transit for Winnipeg, and initially supported Mayor Sam Katz for his policy views on the matter.[23] By 2006, however, he was calling on Katz to resign for poor judgement on several matters.[24] Nestruck was a supporter of the New Democratic Party for most of his life, but became disillusioned with the Manitoba NDP in the 1990s and 2000s. He ran for the party's nomination in Fort Rouge as an "outsider" candidate in the buildup to the 2007 provincial election, accusing the party of betraying its social democratic ideals and of emulating the practices of federal Liberal governments.[25] He also accused Premier Gary Doer of being a "pretender" who had "hijacked the party".[26] He finished third against Jennifer Howard.[27] Nestruck later ran for the leadership of the Green Party of Manitoba in 2008, and lost to James Beddome.[28] He is an active supporter of electoral reform,[29] and has argued that Canada's traditional parties have become stuck in following outmoded models of economic growth and oil dependency.[30] Notwithstanding his progressive views on most issues, Nestruck has also supported several "law and order" initiatives, including a plan for the Winnipeg police to post the names of persons charged with drunk driving offenses online.[31] The 2009 by-election campaign was his first bid for public office; he said that he would cut his stipend, and seek to restore discipline on schoolgrounds.[32] For Earth Day 2009, CBC Manitoba named Nestruck as the "Greenest Manitoban".[33]


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