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The Wireless Router Application Platform (WRAP) is a format of single board computer defined by Swiss company PC Engines. This is specially designed for wireless router, firewall, load balancer, VPN or other network appliances.

Basic specs[edit]

Different boards[edit]

There are three different models of the WRAP:

  • The WRAP 1-1 has two Ethernet ports, and two mini-PCI slots, on a 16x16cm board.
  • The WRAP 1-2 has three Ethernet ports and one mini-PCI slot, on a 16x16cm board.
  • The WRAP 2 has one Ethernet port, and two mini-PCI slots, on a 10x16cm board.

Operating System[edit]

The WRAP is capable of running many different operating systems, including various Linux distributions, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, as well as proprietary OSes. The WRAP lacks a keyboard controller (for obvious reasons), so some OSes that rely on one for the boot process may have to be modified.

End Of Life (EOL)[edit]

PC Engines announced the end of life for the WRAP platform in 2007. The board was replaced by the ALIX.

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