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The Wise Ministry was the 20th Ministry of the Government of Western Australia. It succeeded the Willcock Ministry on 3 August 1945 and was led by Labor Premier Frank Wise, who had previously been Minister for Lands and Agriculture. All of the Ministers continued from the previous Ministry, although in several cases with new or altered responsibilities. The Wise Ministry was succeeded by the McLarty–Watts Ministry on 1 April 1947 after Labor were defeated in the 1947 election.

Frank Wise was sworn in as Premier and Treasurer four days before the change of Ministry. Until 3 August, he also held the portfolios of Lands and Agriculture.

The members of the Wise Ministry were:

Office Minister
Premier and Treasurer Frank Wise, MLA

Minister for Works
Minister for Water Supplies
Minister for Industrial Development

Albert Hawke, MLA

Minister for Lands
Minister for Labour

Alexander Panton, MLA

Chief Secretary
Minister for Police

William Kitson, MLC

Minister for Justice
Minister for Health

Emil Nulsen, MLA

Minister for the North-West
Minister for Forests

Aubrey Coverley, MLA

Minister for Education
Minister for Agriculture
Minister for Social Services

John Tonkin, Dip.Tchg., FAIA, MLA

Minister for Mines
Minister for Railways
Minister for Transport

William Marshall, MLA
Honorary Minister Edmund Gray, MLC


Preceded by
Willcock Ministry
Wise Ministry
Succeeded by
McLarty–Watts Ministry