Witbank Dam

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Witbank Dam
South Africa-Mpumalanga-Witbank 02.jpg
Witbank Dam and Duvha Power Station
Official nameWitbank Dam
CountrySouth Africa
LocationWitbank, Mpumalanga
Coordinates25°53′27″S 29°18′19″E / 25.8909°S 29.3054°E / -25.8909; 29.3054Coordinates: 25°53′27″S 29°18′19″E / 25.8909°S 29.3054°E / -25.8909; 29.3054
PurposeIndustrial and domestic
Opening date1971
Owner(s)Witbank Municipality
Dam and spillways
Type of dambuttress
ImpoundsOlifants River
Height42 m the total depth is measured at 47 Meters
Length562 m in 2017 the Local Municipality built a palisade fence around the wall
CreatesWitbank Dam Reservoir
Total capacity104 019 000 m3
Surface area1 211.2 ha

Witbank Dam is a buttress type dam located on the Olifants River in South Africa. It was established in 1971 and serves mainly for municipal and industrial water supply purposes. The hazard potential of the dam has been ranked high (3).

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