Without Warning (band)

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Without Warning (Band)
OriginNew York, New York, United States
GenresProgressive metal
Years active1988−1998
Past membersTed Burger
Jack Bielata
Vinnie Fontanetta
Graham Thomson
Steve Michael

Without Warning were a Progressive Metal band from New York City formed in 1987. The band was noted for their Christian themes and progressive sound.


Without Warning released a 20 minute demo in 1992.

Making Time[edit]

In 1993, one year after the release of their demo, they released their debut album. Making Time was released originally by Japanese metal label Zero Corporation. The album was originally recorded and mixed by guitarist Ted Burger and engineer Jeff Reidmiller in one week. The pre-release recordings caught the attention of several influential Japanese Critics including Masa Itoh and Koh Sakai leading to the decision to spend additional time and bringing in the legendary Eddie Kramer to re-mix the record. Making Time spawned several hit songs including "Taste Of Sin" which reached #19 on Japan's BURRN Magazine charts."Making Time" (the song) also became the theme song for Koh Sakai's Power Rock Today radio show and remained there for several years. Making Time was listed as the #19 album of the year for 1993 on Japan's BURRN magazine charts. It was reissued in 2004 under the Independent label Heavencross Records in Europe.[1]


Two years after the release of their debut album, they released their second album Believe.[2]. Believe was produced by Alex Perialas. Guitarist Ted Burger was featured in Japan's Young Guitar magazine and was voted the #4 Best guitarist in MVP's readers poll.

Step Beyond[edit]

In 1998, they released their third and final album, Step Beyond.[3][4]


Following the release of the album in 1998, in 1999 the band broke up.


Studio albums[edit]


  • Demo (1992)

Band members[edit]