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Wohnout, Moravské hrady.cz, Veveří (4).jpg
Background information
OriginPrague, Czech Republic
GenresPunk rock, alternative rock funk rock
Years active1988–1990, 1995 onward
LabelsSony BMG
MembersMatěj Homola
Jan Homola
Zdeněk Steiner
Jiří Zeman

Wohnout is a Czech alternative rock band formed in Prague in 1988. The group comprises guitarists/vocalists Matěj Homola and Jan Homola, bassist Jiří Zeman and drummer Zdeněk Steiner. Wohnout is among the most popular bands in the Czech Republic and released eight studio albums since formation.


Wohnout was formed in Prague in 1988, one year prior to the Velvet Revolution. The lineup consisted of brothers Matěj Homola and Jan Homola, both on guitars and vocals, along with a bassist and a drummer. In 1990, however, Wohnout disbanded.[1]

Brothers Homola reformed in 1995 with new bassist Jiří Zeman and a new drummer Zdeněk Steiner. Their first show was in 1996, and their debut album, Cundalla, was recorded in 1998 and released in 1999 by Sony Music/Bonton. Wohnout's popularity started to rise after the release of 2001's Zlý Noty Na Večeři. This album hinted their typical melodic rock style.[1]

The next album Pedro Se Vrací was released in 2002 and Rande s Panem Bendou in 2004. Wohnout became one of the main rock bands in Czech Republic, and went on several tours Czech Republic and music festivals in Europe. They also recorded music videos. In 2006 Wohnout released Polib si Dědu (special guest for the song "Činely" was Finnish band Waltari) and in 2007 was Ahoj Dědo Tour.[1] In March 2009, the band released a new album Karton Veverek.



Studio albums
  • Cundalla (1999)
  • Zlý noty na večeři (2001)
  • Pedro se vrací (2002)
  • Rande s panem Bendou (2004)
  • Polib si Dědu (2006)
  • Karton Veverek (2009)
  • Našim klientům (2011)
  • Laskonky a kremrole (2014)
  • Nevydáno (2005) (rare and unreleased songs)

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