Wolf Captured

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Wolf Captured
Wolf captured hc 1st.jpg
Author Jane Lindskold
Country United States
Language English language
Series Firekeeper Saga
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Tor Fantasy
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Preceded by The Dragon of Despair
Followed by Wolf Hunting

Wolf Captured is a fantasy novel by Jane Lindskold.

Plot summary[edit]

Firekeeper, Blind Seer and Derian Carter are kidnapped by Baron Endbrook and brought to a southern country called Liglim. It was previously unknown to the majority of northerners in Hawk Haven and their neighboring countries. In Liglim the people worship five deities based on natural elements - Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Magic. They build elaborate temples to their deities and are aware of the existence of Royal animals, counting on the sentient creatures to help guide their religious lives.

Firekeeper is highly valued by the citizens of Liglim because she can communicate with the Royal animals and they want Firekeeper to teach them this skill. However, Firekeeper is hesitant. She meets Truth, a Royal Jaguar seer who begins to shape Firekeeper's journey in the land of Liglim.

Derian Carter, meanwhile, meets and falls in love with a native woman of Liglim. She suspects Derian has the power to transform into an animal, as old legends tell. He also begins to spend time with Royal Horses that live alongside common horses.

Barren Endbrook works to create a trade agreement between Liglim and the north that will benefit himself.

Firekeeper and Blind Seer travel to a large set of islands off Liglim's shores. The islands are Royal animal territory and humans only have a small settlement on the edge of the land. Firekeeper and Blind Seer travel deep into the heart of the islands and discover new Royal Wolf packs with unusual traditions that give Firekeeper hope that she could one day lead her own pack. Firekeeper also finds herself being courted by another male wolf, which threatens Blind Seer.

Also on the islands is an ancient set of ruined towers that acts as the secret home to the survivors of blood magic. They are called the maimalodalum - humans who tried to acquire the power of shapeshifting into animals. But the unwilling animals fought back and the results were grotesque animal-human hybrids. One of the hybrids traveled north years ago and met and befriended the Hawk Haven settlers that Firekeeper was amongst as a child. After the fire destroyed the settlement and killed all but Firekeeper, he was responsible for the Royal Wolves adopting her.

There is an attack on the towers and Firekeeper and other Royal animals defend the maimalodalum, but there are casualties.

The book finishes with everything going back to normal, Firekeeper and Blind Seer remain on the islands.


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