Wolf Hunting

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Wolf Hunting
Wolf Hunting hc 1st.jpg
Author Jane Lindskold
Country United States
Language English
Series Firekeeper Saga
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Tor Fantasy
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Preceded by Wolf Captured
Followed by Wolf's Blood

Wolf Hunting is a novel in the Firekeeper Saga series by Jane Lindskold.


Here, ancient magics reveal themselves.

Truth, the Jaguar has become mad when helping Firekeeper in the last book, a voice guides her out of the madness and tells her they need Firekeeper to open a door to free them both. Firekeeper and a few maimalodalum, hybrids of different beasts and humans, find the door and a way to open it. Truth retains her sanity. In the same place, they find figurines of people they have encountered before and who have dealt with magic. Two of them are unknown to them.

The group heads out to find out who these people are that seem to be tampering with magic. Also, the voice that guided Truth continues to speak with her, later it is established that he is a person called "the Meddler", a trickster figure.

The group finds out where the people they were searching - twins, that are descended from old world sorcerers - have gone to reclaim some land that was family property, but had been abandoned for an unknown reason. There they find a magical gate that ends up leading to the Old World. They manage to open the gate, but on the other side they find that the plague which has killed so many sorcerers has not died. All of their group with some magical ability become sick and must battle the illness, and they are easily captured by the residents of the island-Old Worlders.

Following in their footsteps, the 'search party' finds themselves in a similar situation, but they manage to conquer the land. The conquered are very hard to keep under control, and many escapes are attempted.

In the end, they reach an agreement, but will it be enough?


Other books in the series are:

  1. Through Wolf's Eyes (2001
  2. Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart (2002)
  3. The Dragon of Despair (2003)
  4. Wolf Captured (2004)
  5. Wolf Hunting (2006)
  6. Wolf's Blood (2007)