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Langshan (狼山) (Wolf Hill Scenic Area)[1] is one of the largest scenic areas in Jiangsu Province, China. It lies in the south of Nantong, near the Yangtze River.


In 990 to 994, an official named Yangjun took charge of Nantong. Disapproving of the name "Wolf Hill", he renamed it as "Langshan" with the meaning of beauty. Some years later, people began calling the hill Zilangshan because of the large amount of purple rocks on the hill. Because of this, Nantong acquired the name of Zilang.

The five hills[edit]

Langshan consists of five hills, all of which are surrounded by water:

  • Langshan(狼山)
  • Huangnishan(黄泥山)
  • Jianshan(剑山)
  • Junshan(军山)
  • Ma'anshan(马鞍山)

Wolf Hill[edit]

Langshan (Wolf Hill) stands about 106.94 meters high, and covers 18 hectares. It is considered to be the most splendid among the five hills. As a result, the area is named after the hill. It is said that white wolves used to live on Wolf Hill. Apart from this saying, the hill looks like a wolf in its appearance, hence its name. It is said that the name of Langshan is from the appearance of it or the white wolves which had ever lived in it.

Features and attractions[edit]

In addition, Wolf Hill is also famous as Buddhist hill. There are plenty of buddhist activities here. Even though Wolf Hill is not tall, it is prominent on the Jiangsu plain. A great number of visitors pay a visit here. The calligrapher Mi Fu visited here and believed it to be the best hill in the world. The poet Luo Binwang chose the hill as his final resting place and had his body buried there.

There are lots of cultural relics and historic sites.


In order to speed up the pace of tourism informatization and make the brand of "digital scenic spot", the Langshan scenic area strategically cooperates with Nantong mobile unlimited city.[2] Its aim is the expansion he application of information of scenic area tourism with the help of the mobile wireless network and platform of the city.[clarification needed][3]