Wolfgang Yorck von Wartenburg

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Hans Ludwig David Viktor Wolfgang ("Wolf") Graf Yorck von Wartenburg (9 September 1899 in Schleibitz, Landkreis Oels – 12 September 1944 at Bonnal/Doubs, France) was a German politician for the Nazi Party (NSDAP).[1]

He joined the Nazi Party on 1 July 1930 (Membership number 269 306), in which he first took over the duties of a district leader in Oels.

After the Nazis seized power in 1933, he was a group leader of the German Federation of East Silesia. He served as a district council member for Oels, and as a provincial member of parliament for Lower Silesia from November 1933 to March 1936, representing the constituency of Opole.

In the general election on 29 March 1936 he again ran for a seat but received no mandate.

Major Wolfgang Yorck von Wartenberg died in 1944 as a member of the German armed forces during major combat operations in France.


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