Woman with a Parrot

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La Femme au perroquet (Woman with a Parrot)
Woman with a Parrot MET DT43.jpg
Artist Gustave Courbet
Year 1866
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 129.5 cm × 195.6 cm (51.0 in × 77.0 in)
Location Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States

La Femme au perroquet (Woman with a Parrot) is an oil painting on canvas by French artist Gustave Courbet. It was the first nude (art) by the artist to be accepted by the Paris Salon in 1866 after a previous entry in 1864 was rejected as indecent.[1]


The painting shows a woman reclining on her back, with a pet parrot alighting on an outstretched hand. While painted in a style to gain Academy acceptance in its pose and smooth flesh tones, the model's discarded clothes and disheveled hair were controversial,[2] although less so than Le Sommeil, painted the same year. Joanna Hiffernan likely posed for both paintings, as she did for others by Courbet.


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