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Womensforum logo.png
Type of site
Women's community website
Available in English
Website womensforum.com
Launched 1996 (20 years ago) (1996)

Womensforum is a United States-based online community website for women.


Based in Chicago, Illinois, it was created by former television reporter and producer Jodi Turek in 1996.

The website aggregates data from partner websites aimed at their demographic.[1]

Womensforum covers topics such as health, family, and job issues and advice.[2]

In 2000, the website obtained $17 million in financing from venture capital firm VantagePoint Venture Partners.[3]

As of July 2008, Womensforum had over 40 sites in its network and received more than 6.7 million visitors each month.[4]

As of October 2009, WomensForum partner sites[5] had grown to more than 50.

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