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Womensforum logo.png
Type of site
Women's community website
Available in English
Website womensforum.com
Launched 1996 (21 years ago) (1996)

Womensforum is a United States-based online community website for women.


Based in Chicago, Illinois, it was co-created by former television reporter and producer Jodi Turek and Mark Kaufman in 1996.[1]

The website aggregates data from partner websites aimed at their demographic.[2]

Womensforum covers topics such as health, family, and job issues and advice.[3]

In 2000, the website obtained $17 million in financing from venture capital firm VantagePoint Venture Partners.[4]

As of April 2008, Womensforum was ranked in the top 10 U.S. gaining properties based on unique visitors.[5]

As of July 2008, Womensforum had over 40 sites in its network and received more than 6.7 million visitors each month.[6]

As of October 2009, WomensForum partner sites[7] had grown to more than 50.

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