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Wong Jinglun
Chinese name 黃靖倫 (traditional)
Chinese name 黄靖伦 (simplified)
Pinyin Huáng Jìnglún (Mandarin)
Born (1983-07-23) 23 July 1983 (age 33)
Other name(s) Jing Wong, JL
Occupation Singer, actor, tv presenter
Genre(s) Mandopop
Instrument(s) Vocal
Voice type(s) Countertenor
Label(s) Warner Music Taiwan (2008–present)
Years active 2008–present
Ancestry Dabu, Guangdong (Hakka)

Wong Jinglun[1] (traditional Chinese: 黃靖倫; simplified Chinese: 黄靖伦; pinyin: Huáng Jìnglún, born 23 July 1983), also known as Jing Wong or Hayden Wong, is a Taiwan-based Singaporean singer and actor. He is managed by Univerises Entertainment Marketing Limited (天地合娛樂), along with Show Luo, Elva Hsiao and Nick (周湯豪). It is a sister company of Mars Entertainment Ltd (天熹娛樂) which manages artists such as Rainie Yang, Stanley Huang, Jolin Tsai, hence sometimes they refer to each other as being in the same company.


Wong is of Hakka descent, with ancestry from Dabu, Guangdong.[2] He started his search for stardom in Singapore MediaCorp's talent show, Project Superstar (绝对Superstar). He was a contestant on season 3 of One Million Star (超級星光大道). He auditioned in Singapore and was one of the five lucky contestants to get the golden ticket to compete in Taiwan. He once PKed with Peter Pan when "Four Princes of Superstar Avenue" (星光四少) went to Singapore. He caught the attention of many people because of his high pitched vocals and falsettos, which sounds like a hybrid of mainly Gilla, a bit of Cher, and Patti Page.[3] He is also well known for his humorous character and speech. He never fails to say Chinese idioms in every week's competition. Wong gotten a sixth position in the competition and was voted as the most popular contestant. He performed five songs in a One Million Star concert show in LA. His performance was highly commended by many.

Wong's debut album, Jing's Note, was released in Taiwan on 14 November 2008.[4] His album was a great success in Taiwan selling over 44,000 copies. While back in his hometown Singapore, it sold over 4000 copies.

Jinglun is attending vocal and acting classes in Taiwan. He was the guest artists for most of Jolin Tsai's Butterfly School Concert Tour. He has also clinched his first endorsement deal with Suntory C.C. Lemon alongside his fellow senior Rainie Yang.

In 2009, he co-starred with Cyndi Wang and Jiro Wang in his first Taiwanese drama, Momo Love (as Chen Yu Yi) on Gala Television (GTV).[5] Prior to that, he had a small role on SET's My Queen as Ethan Juan's classmate (Xiao Shen).

From 2011, he shifted his focus on TV presenting (referred as a variety-show-class entertainer). He, along with Sister Strawberry, took over from Linda Jian (Sister Butterfly) and Hank Chen in November 2012 on a travel show.

In 2013, Wong starred in an original musical by Toy Factory Productions, entitled Innamorati, which features 12 songs sung by Eric Moo, along with 6 other singers including Tay Kewei, Bonnie Loo and Sugie Phua.



Studio albums
Album # English Title Chinese Title Released Label
1st Jing's Note 倫語錄 14 November 2008 Warner Music Taiwan
2nd OK Man 11 December 2009 Warner Music Taiwan

Soundtrack contribution[edit]

  • "我的媽" [My Mother] – insert song for Momo Love
  • "鹹魚" [Salted Fish] – insert song for Momo Love


Television series[edit]

Year Chinese Title English Title Role
2009 敗犬女王 My Queen Xiao Shen (小沈)
2009 桃花小妹 Momo Love Chen Yu Yi (陳餘一)
2011 PK爱情 Let's Play Love Ian
2012 跳浪 Jump! Zhang Guo Lun (章国伦)

Stage productions[edit]

Year Chinese Title English Title Role
2014 唯一 Innamorati Si Jing 司净
2016 唯二 Innamorati Two 小志


  • 2009: Suntory C.C.Lemon


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