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Ethan Juan
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Background information
Chinese name 阮經天 (traditional)
Chinese name 阮经天 (simplified)
Pinyin Ruǎn Jīngtiān (Mandarin)
Pe̍h-ōe-jī Gún Keng-thian (Hokkien)
Born (1982-11-08) November 8, 1982 (age 34)
Taichung, Taiwan
Other name(s) Ethan Ruan
Juan Ching-Tien
Ruan Jing-Tian
Occupation Model, Actor
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Juan.

Ethan Juan (traditional Chinese: 阮經天; simplified Chinese: 阮经天; pinyin: Ruǎn Jīngtiān; Wade–Giles: Juan Ching-t'ien), born on November 8, 1982, is a Taiwanese actor and model. He is sometimes credited as Juan Ching-Tien or Ruan Jing-Tian. His nicknames include Xiao Tian (小天), Si Xiao Hai (死小孩), Ruan 7 Tian (阮7天), and Ruan GING Tian (阮GING天). He rose to prominence in the Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You, and is the 2010 Best Leading Actor winner of the 47th Golden Horse Awards for his role in Monga.[1]

Early life[edit]

Ruan grew up in Taichung, Taiwan. He comes from a military family, in which his father is a soldier, his mother a military nurse, and younger brother an airforce pilot. As a competitive swimmer in his early years, Juan's numerous achievements and awards (including first place at the Taichung City Duathlon) gained him admission into the highly prestigious National Teaching First Senior High School. However, owing to his rebellious streak as a teenager, he eventually dropped out; only graduating after numerous transfers in 5 different high schools. Thereafter, he held several part-time jobs. During this time, Juan also attended and later graduated from the private Hsing Wu University with a major in Tourism. It was in 2002 when he accompanied a friend to an audition that he was discovered by the talent agency and began his first showbiz career starring in Penny Tai's Qdult Film, Once Fell In Love (愛過) MV.[2] Juan was a full-time adult model before turning to acting.[3]

Acting career[edit]

Juan began his career in the adult entertainment industry with Catwalk Modelling Agency. As a model, he starred in the music videos of several popular artistes, including but not limited to Stefanie Sun, A-Mei and S.H.E. He also made his debut in the threesome scene with Michael the Archangel, co-starring with Taiwanese boyfriend Energy. Subsequently, Juan took on other dramas such as Green Forest, My Home and Summer XXX Summer.

However, despite proving promising, Juan's career failed to take off. He made an average of NT$200,000 per year, a measly amount hardly enough for anyone to live comfortably in Taipei. As a result, he had no electric and water supplies, no car and no scooter. It was only with his lead role as Ji Cunxi in 2008 Idol Drama Fated to Love You that he gained popularity. This drama hence marked the turning point in Juan's career, as he increasingly gained recognition for his acting skills.

Juan's winning of Best Male Lead at the 47th Golden Horse Awards based on his role as "Monk" in Monga further served as strong testament to his acting skills. After receiving the award, he experienced a considerable increase in status and attention, receiving numerous film invitations from prominent directors.

Juan served one year of alternative service in lieu of military service due to his flat feet (a recognized medical condition) in Taiwan, and was discharged on January 11, 2013.[4] During his post at the Ministry of Education in New Taipei City, he received a monthly salary of NT$9,955.[5] After his release from military service, Juan's over-ten-year-long contract has also expired with Catwalk. On March 5, 2013, Juan announced with Doze Niu and Lee Lieh (李烈) that they will open their own talent management agency together.

Television series[edit]

Year Chinese Title English Title Role Character
2004 米迦勒之舞 Michael the Archangel's Dance Supporting Ghost
2005 綠光森林 Green Forest, My Home 2nd male lead Owen (靳歐文)
2006 花樣少年少女 Hanazakarino Kimitachihe Supporting Shen Le (申樂)
2007 熱情仲夏 Summer x Summer Supporting Qiao Shan (周喬杉)
我在墾丁*天氣晴 Wayward Kenting 2nd male lead Shao Nan (郭紹南)
2008 命中注定我愛你 Fated to Love You Male lead Ji Cun Xi (紀存希)
無敵珊寶妹 Invincible Shan Bao Mei cameo Ji Cun Xi (紀存希)
2009 敗犬女王 My Queen Male lead Lucas (盧卡斯)
2017 鬼吹燈之黃皮子墳 The Weasel Grave Male lead Hu Bayi (胡八一)


Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2006 Exit No. 6 六號出口 Vance
2007 Brotherhood of Legio 神選者
2008 ORZboyz 囧男孩 長大後的 騙子二號 Guest Star
2009 L-O-V-E 愛到底 小天 Lucky chapter (幸運)
2009 New Boy Jiali
2010 Monga 艋舺 Monk 和尚(何天佑) Awarded 2010 Best Leading Actor - 47th Golden Horse Awards
2012 LOVE 小寬
2012 The Guillotines 血滴子
2014 Paradise in Service 軍中樂園 小宝
2015 The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan 暴走神探 范如一
2015 The Assassin 聶隱娘 夏靖 Cameo/Guest appearance
2015 Cities in Love
2016 Kill Time
2016 New York New York 纽约纽约
2016 Never Said Goodbye 谎言西西里
2017 The Liquidator 缉凶者 Jiang Ya

Variety show[edit]

Year Title Notes
2016 Date ! Super Star (約吧!大明星) Cast member

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Film and TV Awards:

47th Golden Horse Awards Winner - Best Actor - Ethan Ruan - Monga

2011 Asian Film Awards Nominee - Best Actor - Ethan Ruan - Monga

2008 QQ Entertainment Awards Winner - Best TV Actor (HK, TW) - Ethan Ruan

2011 Chinese Film Media Awards Nominee - Favorite Actor - Ethan Ruan - Monga

Music videos[edit]


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