Wong Nai Chung Road

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Wong Nai Chung Road, the next station is HK Tram Happy Valley Station. A portion of Happy Valley Racecourse is visible on the right.
St Paul's Primary Catholic School
Amigo restaurant

Wong Nai Chung Road (Chinese: 黃泥涌道) is a major road in Happy Valley, Hong Kong. It is a U-shaped road that encircles the southern and eastern sides of the Happy Valley Racecourse.


Wong Nai Chung Road starts northeast at the junction with Leighton Road, then turns southward and meets Blue Pool Road at the southern residential area of the valley. It turns westward to Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital and then northwest to meet Morrison Hill Road and Queen's Road East and under the Wong Nai Chung Gap Flyover.


  • Amigo restaurant (No. 79A)
  • St Paul's Primary Catholic School (聖保祿天主教小學) (No. 81A). The school building was designed by Leigh & Orange and constructed in 1907 for the Roman Catholic Order of the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres.[1] It is listed as a Grade II historic building since 1992.[2]
  • Two of the three infield entrances to the Happy Valley Race course, with one just past Sports Road near the Hong Kong Football Club and the other opposite the Happy Valley Tram Stop.[3]


A circular branch line of Hong Kong Tramway runs along Wong Nai Chung Road, serving Happy Valley and the Happy Valley Racecourse. Its terminus is at the southernmost point of the road.

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Coordinates: 22°16′24″N 114°11′02″E / 22.27327°N 114.18391°E / 22.27327; 114.18391