Woodside, Kings County, Nova Scotia

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Woodside, Kings County, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Woodside, Kings County, Nova Scotia
Woodside in Nova Scotia


Woodside is a community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in Kings County. It was founded by the Woodside family, whom came over from Scotland in 1773 on the ship Hector.[1] Some members of the family stayed in the Pictou[2] region, but some lead by the family head E. Woodside migrated and established themselves in what is now known as Woodside, Kings County.

History of the Family[edit]

Although most of the Woodside Clan[3] left Pictou and Woodside and has since spread out to Prince Edward Island and other provinces (such as Ontario and New Brunswick), there is still some land and descendants of the original family in Nova Scotia.Coordinates: 45°11′0″N 64°26′59″W / 45.18333°N 64.44972°W / 45.18333; -64.44972 (Woodside, Nova Scotia)


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