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The World Brahmo Council is the new name for the "Brahmo Representative Council" (originally founded in 1864).[1] In 2009, the erstwhile Brahmo Representative Council has 5 nominated members consisting of 1 from Adi Brahmo Samaj, 2 Adi Dharm, 1 Sadharan Brahmo Samaj (South), 1 Sadharan Brahmo Samaj (North).

In 2007 the old registered Council was convened urgently under the name and style of "World Brahmo Council" by the Brahmo Conference Organisation "to protect Brahmoism's "assets - especially its good name and theology" since many websites put up by Brahmos had lapsed and fallen into the hands of spammers and being used as doorways to pornographic sites. Headed by a Brahmo cyberlaw expert and after taking due legal recourse outside India, many websites were recovered to Brahmoism that year. [2]

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