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The World of the Lupi is an urban fantasy series by author Eileen Wilks. It is also known as the Moon Children series.

Main characters[edit]

NAME: Lily Yu

POSITION: FBI Agent in the Magical Crimes Division
GIFT: sensitive, who can feel different types of magic but cannot be affected by it
MATE: Rule Turner, is his Chosen (bonded by the Lady)
RACIAL BACKGROUND: Asian American (Chinese origins)
PHYSICAL FEATURES: Straight shoulder length black hair, slim, physically fit, 5'1", 28 years old

NAME: Rule Turner

POSITION: Lu Nuncio of the Nokolai (heir or prince). Clanhome is located in San Diego, California
MATE: Lily Yu
PHYSICAL FEATURES: handsome in an imperfect way, 60 years old (looks younger)

NAME: Li Lei Yu (Grandmother, Tiger Lady)

POSITION: Head of the Yu Family
GIFT: unknown, but has magical knowledge and powers, can transform into a tiger
MATE: Li Qin? (Helper?)
PHYSICAL FEATURES: looks about 80 years older (but is much older >300 years), petite, despite age has a ramrod straight posture

NAME: Cullen Seaborne

POSITION: Nokolai member, formerly expelled from Etorri clan for his pursuit of magic (was clanless for a long time)
GIFT: Fire. Sorcerer, can see sorceri, and has a strong understanding of spells. Wants to learn more
MATE: Cynna Weaver
PHYSICAL FEATURES: extremely gorgeous, moves beautifully, looks young (but is 68 yrs old)

NAME: Cynna Weaver

POSITION: FBI Agent in the Magical Crimes Division
GIFT: Finder, can locate anything once she has their pattern. A former Dizzy apprentice to Jiri, a type of African magic that deals with tattoos and demons.
MATE: Cullen Seaborne
RACIAL BACKGROUND: Caucasian American
PHYSICAL FEATURES: Amazonian, tall and big breasted. Has short spiky blond hair and is covered in tattoos which help her with her spells

Side characters[edit]

NAME: Abel Karonski

Position: FBI Agent, part of Magical Crimes Division; Wiccan.

NAME: Arjenie Fox

Position: FBI researcher

NAME: Benedict Two Horses

Position: Son of Isen Turner, Brother to Rule Turner

NAME: Edward Yu

Position: Lily's father

NAME: Isen Turner

Position: Rho to the Nokolai, Rule's Father

NAME: Jiri

Position: Cynna's former teacher

NAME: Julia Yu

Position: Lily's mother

NAME: Li Qin

Position: Companion to Grandmother

NAME: Nettie Two Horses

Position: Nokolai's clan healer

NAME: Ruben Brooks

Position: FBI Agent, head of the Magical Crimes Division; Lily and Cynna's boss; Precognitive.

NAME: Toby

Position: Rule's son

NAME: Victor Frey

Position: Rho to the Leidolf, made Rule Lu Nuncio of Leidolf

NAME: Xavier Fagin

Position: Research Consultant.

Novels in this series[edit]

  1. Only Human (Lover Beware anthology) - July 2003
  2. Originally Human (Cravings anthology) - July 2004
  3. Tempting Danger - October 5, 2004
  4. Mortal Danger - November 1, 2005
  5. Blood Lines - January 2007
  6. InHuman (On the Prowl anthology) - August 2007
  7. Night Season - January 2, 2008
  8. Mortal Sins - February 3, 2009
  9. Blood Magic - February, 2010
  10. Blood Challenge (January 2011)
  11. Death Magic (November 2011)
  12. Mortal ties (October 2012)
  13. Ritual Magic (September 2013)[1]
  14. Unbinding (October 2014)[2]
  15. Mind Magic (November 2015)


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