Wounded Land

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Wounded Land
Threshold - Wounded Land.jpg
Studio album by Threshold
Released1 September 1993
GenreProgressive metal
LabelGiant Electric Pea
InsideOut Music
ProducerKarl Groom
Threshold chronology
Cult of The Immortal (demo tape) Wounded Land
Alternative cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2.5/5 stars[1]
Imperiumi7.5/10 stars[2]

Wounded Land is the debut album from British progressive metal band Threshold, released in 1993. It is the first of three non-consecutive albums to feature vocalist Damian Wilson, who returned for 1997's Extinct Instinct and 2012's March of Progress, and the only one to feature Tony Grinham on drums. It was rereleased as a Special Edition in 2001 by InsideOut Music & 2012's definitive edition by Nuclear Blast.

The songs deal with the issues of environmental destruction, drug abuse, the Gulf War and, in the bonus track "Intervention," the Bosnian War.

Track listing[edit]

1."Consume to Live"Groom/Midson/Jeary8:13
2."Days of Dearth"Groom/Midson/Jeary5:28
3."Sanity's End"Groom/Midson/Jeary10:23
5."Surface to Air"Groom/Midson/Jeary10:16
6."Mother Earth"Groom/Midson/Jeary5:54
7."Siege of Baghdad"Groom/Midson/Jeary7:44
8."Keep It with Mine"Groom/Midson/Jeary2:28
Bonus tracks
1."Intervention" (special edition 2001, 2012's definitive edition)6:38
2."Conceal the Face" (2012's definitive edition)5:03
3."Shifting Sands" (2012's definitive edition)3:41

Track "Intervention" appears on both the 2001 Inside Out Special Edition and the 2012 Nuclear Blast Definitive Edition. Tracks "Conceal the Face" & "Shifting Sands" appear on the latter rerelease.

"Intervention" first appeared on a Dutch progressive rock compilation album in 1992 and was the band's first professional release. "Conceal the Face" and "Shifting Sands" are rerecordings of songs from their 1991 demo "Cult of the Immortal;" both songs previously appeared on the 2009 "Paradox" box set.

Additionally, the 2001 Special Edition release of the album contains demo recordings of "Paradox" and "Days of Dearth" from this album, and the early song "Conceal the Face," which appeared on the single for Paradox and eventually saw release in acoustic form on the fan club album, Wireless. Each of the demo recordings features singing from Jon Jeary, the band's original bassist and lead vocalist.

Special Edition features[edit]

  • Extended booklet with slipcase and liner notes
  • Bonus track: Intervention (1992 version)
  • Multimedia section including: introductory notes, demo versions (Days of Dearth, Paradox, Conceal the Face - previously unreleased), screensaver, photo gallery, hidden track *

* To find the hidden track in the multimedia, go to the exit screen and click on the © symbol at the foot of the screen.


  • Damian Wilson - lead vocals
  • Karl Groom - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Nick Midson - guitar
  • Jon Jeary - bass guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Richard West - keyboard, piano
  • Tony Grinham - drums


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