Wuri District

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Coordinates: 24°5′19.2″N 120°37′56.6″E / 24.088667°N 120.632389°E / 24.088667; 120.632389

Wuri District in Taichung City
Wuri District

Wuri District (Chinese: 烏日區; pinyin: Wūrì Qū) is a suburban district in southern Taichung, Taiwan. Both of the two north-south freeways (No.1 and No.3) pass Wuri.

Wuri is home to a large military training centre, Cheng Kong Ridge.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Wuri, Huri, Sanhe, Rongquan, Xuetian, Jiude, Rende, Qianzhu, Wuguang, Guangming, Tungyuan, Xiju, Luotan, Beili, Nanli and Xiwei Village.[1]



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