Wyższa Szkoła Menedżerska w Legnicy

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Wyższa Szkoła Menedżerska w Legnicy is a university in Poland.


The university was established in 1997 and has promoted over 1,600 graduates. Since 1997 the courses concerning Management and Marketing have been conducted and according to previous principle of constant development. The school is still developing and preparing new courses. The newest ones to open are Transport and Computer Science (2001) and Sociology and Architecture and City Planning (2004). Wyzsza Szkola Menedzerska in Legnica is the largest higher education institution in the region.

Areas of study[edit]

The university provides undergraduate and post-graduate courses in the following areas:

  • Architecture and Town Planning (undergraduate)
  • Computer Science (undergraduate)
  • Economy (undergraduate)
  • Management and Marketing (under- and postgraduate)
  • Pedagogy (undergraduate)
  • Sociology (undergraduate)
  • Transport (undergraduate)
  • Law (prepared master's degree course to be started in October)
  • Philology (waiting for the Ministry's approval)

The university is going to apply for allowance to provide PhD courses in economics to the Ministry of Education in September.[when?] There are plans to establish a new course: Management and Engineering of Production.

Legnica University of Management awards bachelor's and master's degrees. Courses can be chosen from part-time and full-time ones. At the moment there are about 3,000 students participating in courses.

Aiming on providing high level of conducted courses, the university is introducing modern didactic forms and employs specialists from well-known Polish educational institutions and from abroad. At the moment there are 155 academics co-operating with Wyzsza Szkola Menedzerska w Legnica — 16 professors, 22 habilitated doctors, 67 doctors.

The school possesses its own buildings and, to ensure development and high quality of education, all classes are fully equipped. There are computer and specialist laboratories and a library.

The recruitment process is based on the results of secondary school finishing exam (matura) and interview, and in case of Architecture and Town Planning also on results of exams on drawing and knowledge of art and architecture.

International partnerships[edit]

Legnica University of Management participates in many national and international activities. The university has partners from many other countries.

  • The university is participating in Tempus programme Master of Business Administration & Information Technology that is based on cooperation with eight partners from Ukraine, Germany, Spain, France. The project was aimed on preparation of teaching programmes to educate specialists (master's degree) in the area of organisation management.
  • Another academic unit that is co-operating with Legnica University of Management is the University of Lwow. The co-operation is aimed on joint research, exchange of students and tutors.
  • There has been a strong and fruitful cooperation with the Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale in Dunkirk, France (since 2002) that consists of tutors, students exchange, united research efforts, documentation within tuition process, joint learning programmes, help within management and development of libraries. In June 2004 the first graduation of 33 Polish students participating in the courses in Maitrise de Superieure de Techniques en Management de l'Enterprise programme took place.
  • The university is cooperating with the University of Pennsylvania in the area of multicultural theory of leadership with 61 academic units from all over the world.
  • Since 2001 Legnica University of Management is cooperating with academic units in Ukraine. The long-term cooperation is aimed at student exchange, tutor exchange, small business development, organisation of science conferences and seminars, joint applying for grants. The students of the Legnica University of Management, according to signed documents, were participating in the summer language courses of Ukrainian language.

Among the major short-, medium-, and long-term priorities Legnica University of Management plans to:

  • Enlarge European dimension in every of four faculties of the university, realisation of its aims within curricula and their structure — the one of the steps of that action would be introduction of the ECTS system and introduction of language courses in non-language learning degrees
  • Participate in European projects considering students and staff mobility. One of the first actions was applying and receiving the Erasmus Charter. The next one would be establishment of the International Relations Office
  • Establish and enrich cooperation with present and new partners
  • Enlarge the number of visiting staff
  • Promote open and distance learning as a new method of teaching (the university is equipped to conduct ODL courses).
  • Popularisation of European programmes among the students, staff, and local organisations, encourage to participate in international initiatives, informing about possibilities to obtain European financial support

The university has been putting a special accent on all actions aimed on rising the level of quality of knowledge obtained by its students. The starting and conducting international projects is one of the ways to reach that goal.

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