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The Wynn Newhouse Award is an annual prize given to disabled artists in recognition of their artistic merit.[1]


The Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation, a charitable organization founded by newspaper entrepreneur Samuel Irving Newhouse, Sr., inaugurated the award in 2006 at the suggestion of the late Wynn Newhouse, to draw attention to the contributions of artists with disabilities to contemporary art.[2] Wynn Newhouse, himself disabled, was a prominent New York City art collector and grandson of the newspaper magnate.[3]


Recipients share an annual award totaling $60,000, allocated by the judges. The selection committee changes each year. It is made up of four prominent members of the arts community including artists, curators and critics.

To be eligible for the Wynn Newhouse Awards, nominees must be artists of professional standing, and have a disability as recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The awards are made in late December of each year.

In addition to the grants, many winning artists are offered an exhibition at the Palitz Gallery, a gallery space on East 61st Street in New York City. This exhibition is donated by Syracuse University in their Lubin Center in New York. An annual reception for winners attracts many persons in the arts community.

The Wynn Newhouse Awards will be offered through 2016. They are currently coordinated by consultant Bill Butler of Alford, MA and by artist Gordon Sasaki of New York. Information can be obtained and artists can be suggested via the website wnewhouseawards.com


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