Wynyard station (Saskatchewan)

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Wynyard station
Location A Avenue at Bosworth St.
Wynyard, Saskatchewan
Line(s) Canadian Pacific Railway
Opened 1909

Wynyard station is a former railway station in Wynyard, Saskatchewan, Canada. The building was constructed by Canadian Pacific Railway; it is now only used for administrative offices. The station served as a division point on the mainline between Winnipeg and Edmonton and comprises:[1]

  • one 1½-storey clapboard building including a passage waiting area and a 1-storey freight/baggage area
  • a round house and
  • remnants of the station garden.

The building was designated a historic railway station in 1991. [2]


Coordinates: 51°46′19″N 104°11′10″W / 51.7719°N 104.1862°W / 51.7719; -104.1862