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Template:Infobox musical artistpx X-Pulsion is a punk rock band from Brussels, Belgium, that formed in October 1977 and split in May 1978. Peter Schlager formed a new band of the same name but with a new line-up that played between fall 1978 and summer 1979.


Original line-up[edit]

  • Jean-Pierre Poirier alias Jerry Wanker alias Jerry WX: guitar
  • Pedro Ramis alias Peter Schlager: lead vocals
  • Klaus Klang: drums
  • Kurt Klang: bass

Second line-up[edit]

  • Pedro Ramis alias Peter Schlager: lead vocals
  • Francis Lozet : guitar
  • Jean-Pol Tinant : bass
  • Bob Seytor : drums


  • October 14, 1977, Brussels - first concert in private house
  • December 31, 1977, New Year's Eve at the Brussels Martini Center
  • (date unknown) at the Grimmerin in Grimbergen


  • Heaven only knows/Schmucks/Castration (1978) - Romantik Records - mixed by Frédéric Jannin

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